Reverberations in an Al Plate

The plot is an RF A Scan of a 1 MHz transducer on an Al plate about 1.5 inches thick. The gain has been cranked way up to make the late time signals very noisey. You would probably have a hard time seeing the reverberations toward the end of the time trace. If you listen to the sounds below you will clearly be able to hear the reverberations right to the end. If you listen carefully you can hear the difference between the distorted early echos and the undistorted latter ones. And for a real challenge listen for the shear wave component that is reverberating at the slower shear wave velocity, more of a challenge but it's there.

The bat is a Pallid Bat from Canada and is endangered. Bat's hearing is of course even more incredible than humans. Hence the bat image on these pages.

This file is 10,204 bytes, the quality leaves a little to be desired so I have put the Mac snd file in my ftp area for those looking for higher quality.

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