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Over 20 years experience in advanced development and design of novel and special nondestructive test equipment. Managed complex and challenging nondestructive test development programs solving both technical and economic challenges.


Milky Way Jewels 1996 to 1999

Chief Technical Officer


* Internet sales of Vintage and Antique Costume Jewelry.


SECOND SOUND 1996 to 1999

Chief Technical Officer


* Manufacturer of ultrasonic transducers and systems to 1 GHz. High performance ultrasonic transducer technology for commercial applications including aspherical, high-temperature, and high-frequency regimes previously not practical.




Professional Engineer


* Led National program to develop nondestructive examination of containers for civilian reactor radioactive waste program. These containers must demonstrate satisfactory performance for 10,000 years, placing unusual requirements on the container design and certification.


* Initiated and carried out demonstration of x-ray photo acoustic imaging of integrated circutits at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory. This was the first such experiment with a source less than ten Watts/cm2.


* Obtained funding for the utilization of scanning tunneling microscopy in Nondestructive for applications in high power optical surface characterizations for the National Ignition Facility (NIF). NIF will be the largest laser in the world.


* Developed improvements to existing Acoustic Microscope that extended frequency from 100 to 1000 MHz and improved dynamic range by a factor of 64 times. This microscope can image structures in silicon integrated circuits with line spacing of 25 micrometers.


* Invented new acoustic emission transducer that could withstand the intense light pulse associated with Nova laser to help diagnose lens cracking problem.


* Developed acoustic telemetry for monitoring conditions at a drill head to allow real time control of drilling, resulting in significant savings since drilling no longer needed to be stopped for conventional monitoring.


* Demonstrated noise measurements of drilling operations at Nevada Test Site using equipment designed to survive severe environments at low costs.


* Taught workshops to designers and reulators on Welding Criteria for Radioactive Shipping Containers for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.



Senior Engineer


* Supervised a nondestructive development laboratory providing instrument development, and maintenance to the company and contract development to the Department of Energy.


* Proposed and executed a multi-million dollar program on liquid metal breeder reactor steam generator inspection with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), developing ultrasonic inspection methods used worldwide.


* Designed new method for detecting micro-flaws in tube-to-tubesheet weld radiographs for steam generators that was used for certification of reactor welds.


* Patented new methods of manufacturing annular phased arrays and high temperature transducers for use in breeder reactor under sodium viewing applications. This allowed electronic focusing and steering of ultrasound which created faster imaging and allowed operation at higher temperatures.


* Developed new ultrasonic robotic pipe inspection system for transition welds between carbon and stainless steel that improved flaw detectability and sizing and inspired the current piping inspection apparatus used for nuclear reactor piping inspection.


* Invented a lower cost statistical method that predicts the probability of a "false call" (detection of a flaw when one is not present) to lower cost of developing ultrasonic methods for difficult materials.





Registered Professional Engineer, Quality, Certificate QU - 1129, California (NDE, Statistics, and Robotics).


Certified Level III, Radiographic and Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing per American Society for Nondestructive Testing (currently inactive).


BS Engineering Physics, Oregon State.




A 14 Axis Ultrasonic Manipulator, AEC Interagency Mechanical Working Group Proceedings, 1971.


Beta Backscatter Measurement of Glass to Epoxy Ratio in Glass/Epoxy Composites, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, June 1971.


Ultrasonic Testing of Swagged Joints, Material Evaluation, 1973.


X-Ray Diffraction Measurement of Residual Stress in Aluminum Alloys, DoD Twenty Second NDE Conference, 1973.


Eddy Current Testing of Aircraft Type 431 CRES, DoD Twenty Third NDE Conference, 1973.


Nondestructive Examination Requirements for the CRBRP Steam Generator System, GEAP-14100, March 1976.


High Accuracy Ultrasonic In-Situ Steam Generator Wall Thickness Measurements, Spring ASNT Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 1978.


Baseline Inspection of Three Transition Joint Life Test Articles, GEFR-00414, October 1978.


The Use of Extreme Value Distributions in Predicting "False Calls" in Ultrasonic Testing, 1979 Symposium on the Applications of Probabilities and Statistics, Schenectady, NY, September 1979.


A Method of Assessing the Impact of Metallurgical Noise and Its Reduction in Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic Welds, IEEE 1979 Ultrasonic Symposium, New Orleans, LA, September 1979.


Ultrasonic Testing of Clinch River Breeder Reactor Steam Generator Tubing, GEFR-SP-152, September 1979.


Ultrasonic Testing of Transition Joints, ASNT Spring Conference, Las Vegas, NV, March 1981.


Nonlinear Behavior of Ultrasonic Receivers, Second NBS Symposium on Ultrasonic Materials Characterization, Gaitherburg, Maryland, June 1980.


High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers, Sensor Technology and Applications Symposium, Schenectady, NY, October 1980.


Techniques for In-Service Inspection of Heat Transfer Tubes in Steam Generators, Second Joint US/Japan LMFBR Steam Generator Seminar, Sunnyvale CA, June 1981.


Ultrasonic Weld Shape Measurement, IEEE 1982 Ultrasonic Symposium, San Diego, CA, October 27-29, 1982.


In-Service Inspection of Transition Joints, ASME Pressure Vessel & Piping Conference, Portland, OR, June 20-24, 1983.


Radioactive Waste Repository Closure Weld Nondestructive Examination, Review of Progress in Qualitative Nondestructive Evaluation, UC San Diego, August 1986.


Bubble Implosion and Picosecond Sonoluminescence, UCRL-JC-110666, June 4, 1992.


Is Calibration Really Necessary, Fall ASNT Conference, Seattle WA, 1996.


Patent 4 062 105, Method for Fabricating Ferroelectric Ultrasonic Transducers, 13 December 1977.


Patent 4 551 647, Temperature Compensated Piezoelectric Transducer and Lens Assembly, November 5, 1985.


Patent 4, 888, 861, Annular Array Manufacturing, December 26, 1989.


Invention Disclosure, A Method to Initiate Thermonuclear Reactions, August 13, 1992.


Invention Disclosure, Magnetostrictive Generator for Monitoring While Drilling, April 29, 1993.



American Society of Nondestructive Testing, Golden Gate Section, "Member of the Year," 1977-78.


Winner of the 1981 Engineering Award for Technical Achievement in Materials, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineering from the Power Systems Sector of General Electric Co.

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