Our Chickens

Esmeralda & Carmen

emerge from the chick

tractor (IMG_4641)


Guinevere (IMG_4644)

Esmeralda (IMG_4645)

Coco (IMG_4646)

Aida (IMG_4647)

Hank & Violetta


Violetta (IMG_4649)

Boadicea (IMG_4650)

Brunhilde & Hank


Brunhilde (IMG_4653)

Brunhilde (IMG_4655)

Brunhilde (IMG_4657)

Guinevere (IMG_4659)

Aida (IMG_4661)

Hattie (IMG_4664)

Aida (IMG_4665)

Brunhilde (IMG_4667)

Hank & Violetta


Colette (IMG_4672)

Colette (IMG_4673)

Colette (IMG_4675)

Colette (IMG_4678)

Carmen (IMG_4681)

Carmen (IMG_4682)

Carmen (IMG_4684)

Carmen (IMG_4684)

Boadicea (IMG_4689)

Aida  & Hank


Boadicea (IMG_4693)

Guinevere (IMG_4695)

Brunhilde (IMG_4698)

Coco (IMG_4700)

Brunhilde (IMG_4704)


Seven More Chickens Arrive

Four Chickens Tractor 7 More

Three more chickens are rescued from a neglected coup November 18th and four more November 19th.

The following photos were taken November 24.

November 27th and it is clear that Hattie is Hank.