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The following tomography was done by Jerry Haskins, Harry Martz, and Dan Schneberg of Lawrence Livermore National Laborator.

This is a cross-section through a fuel injector nozzle which is about 2 mm in diameter. The material is a stainless steel. The white circle is a traverse used to define a circular scan of the density values at that radius. The black spokes are nozzles thru which fuel will flow. The object of the circular density traverse is to allow measuring the uniformity and position of the spokes. The density values are plotted in the next picture.

We can numerically differentiate the scan and make the centers of the holes in the fuel injector nozzles be zero crossing points, but we have made things a tad noisy.

Next we can fit the data to a curve and get a smoother plot. The zero crossings can be detected and the locations of the nozzles located with greater accuracy.